Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance


Below is the Official Movie Release Poster for Star Wars: Quest For Vengeance.

The first poster below was the rough draft for the release poster. The second poster below was actually going to be the release poster when the movie was scheduled to come out in 2001. However, when the movie was pushed back two years, the above poster became the release poster, thus making the second poster below the second rough draft! Got all that?


Below is the Official Movie Teaser Poster for Star Wars: Quest For Vengeance.

The first poster below was the rough draft for the teaser poster. The second poster below was actually going to be the teaser poster when the movie was scheduled to come out in 2001. However, when the movie was pushed back two years, the above poster became the teaser poster, thus making the second poster below the second rough draft! (And yes, I did just copy and paste the description for the release poster here and replace "release" with "teaser." All the same info applied, so why not?)




May 1991-circa 1993 - A group of friends in Osceola, Arkansas, consisting of Al Riney, Jeremy McNutt, Tracy Walters, Ted Millikan, and sometimes Jeremy Howard and Jon Boon (and a couple of times Jay Chipman), play Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game at various times, using the same set of characters most of the time.

August 3, 1999 - After the premiere of Star Trek: Cloak and Dagger, Tracy Walters, Jay Chipman, and Scott McNutt decide to make a Star Wars movie. Tracy says that it will based on the RPG characters that they played years before.

April 30, 2000 - Shooting begins.

August 15, 2001 10:00pm CDT - Released first trailer and teaser poster. (Both would be replaced with updated versions later.)

November 9, 2001 10:45am CST - Released second trailer and release poster. (Both would be replaced with updated versions later.)

November 30, 2001 - The cast & crew gather and watch the movie. It was to have been the final version, but due to many different circumstances, it turned out to be just a rough cut.

September 9, 2002 3:00am CDT - Segment One of the movie posted. (Would be replaced with an updated version later.)

October 27, 2002 7:35pm CST - Segment Two of the movie poster. (Would be replaced with an updated version later.)

May 24, 2003 - The cast & crew gather and watch another rough cut of the movie.

September-October 2003 - The final versions of the movie and its trailers are released.

July 12, 2004 - The bloopers for the movie are released.



During the writing process of Star Wars: Quest For Vengeance, the movie went through a toal of three outlines and eight script drafts, all written by Tracy Walters. To show the movie's entire writing stage, from the very beginning to the very end, included below is the very first outline of the script and the very final draft of the script.

Script Outline (1st Draft) - Began being written in August or September 1999; finished October 31, 1999.

Script (8th and final draft) - Began being written June 19, 2002.

There are, of course, some major differences between the very first outline and the finished movie. Some of the major differences are:

-Robert Kraig's name being Lee Oodlum. When Tracy began writing the outline, he had forgotten Robert Kraig's name from the role-playing game days, so he made up the name Lee Oodlum to use for him, instead. Later, Tracy talked to Al Riney, who reminded him that the character's name was Robert Kraig. So Tracy decided to give the name "Lee Oodlum" to the Imperial general instead.
-Jon Bon Nebula and Robert Kraig are not "good buddies," and probably don't know each other at all when they first meet in the outline.
-Elan Rai plans on killing the Emperor and Darth Vader on a planet at the end of the outline and take over the Empire himself.

-Elan Rai is killed by Darth Vader.

One scene that is virtually the same in both the first script outline and the completed movie is Penzar Grat's first appearance, when he goes to the Imperial base and winds up blowing many Imperials away. That was one of the first scenes Tracy thought of when writing the movie.


Quest For Vengeance Campaign

In September 2002, Dylan Kinney began creating a campaign based on Quest For Vengeance for use in the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds video game. His idea was to have 7-8 missions in all that encompassed the story of QFV. Cool idea, but unfortunately, he only created two missions, and didn't even finish those two all the way. But if you want to play those two "beta" versions, get them below! To play you will need the Galactic Battlegrounds game. Place the below missions in the Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds\Game\Scenario\ directory in order to use them.

MISSION ONE: LEX NOVA'S CRASH LANDING - Guide Lex Nova to find his spare parts in the forest of Planet Brabold, all while dodging stealth troopers and trying to avoid Lee Oodlum's garrison. If you look very closely, you can see that Penzar Grat has arrived to speak to Lee Oodlum (Easter egg).

MISSION TWO: PENZAR'S REVENGE - Lee Oodlum has double-crossed Penzar Grat. Penzar returns to his hidden base to build up an army to destroy Lee Oodlum's garrison and rescue Lex Nova. Along the way, he meets a Jedibee named Ben Wolf, who is building up an army of his own (all nerfs) to defeat the Empire.


by Tracy Walters

In May of 1991, Jeremy McNutt and Al Riney were preparing to play Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, made by West End Games. I had the game myself for a few years but never played it. Jeremy invited me to join them, and I did. Then I suggested that Ted Millikan join in, and so he did, too. The four of us played on a semi-regular basis, with Al Riney always being the gamemaster. During the time that we played, two other people, Jeremy Howard and Jon Boon, joined us from time to time in gaming sessions. And a couple of times, Jay Chipman played with us.

The characters that each of us played in the game were all taken from character templates in the back of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game book. For example, I chose the "bounty hunter" template, and named my character Penzar Grat.

At some point during the time that we played, we suggested making a movie about our characters. We had already made Star Trek movies, so why not, right? Well, for some reason, a few in the group said that the movie would require too many special effects. I found this puzzling, considering that Star Trek movies made by Paramount Pictures required quite a bit of special effects as well, but that didn't stop us from making movies about Star Trek. But I didn't press the issue much, as we were in the middle of making our Star Trek series of movies at the time. And we were having a good time playing the Star Wars RPG from time to time.

Later on, our group started playing Dungeons & Dragons. When that happened, our playing Star Wars became less and less frequent, until we finally stopped. I played D&D with them a few times, and even though I realized that it was the premier role-playing game, it just didn't excite me like playing Star Wars did.

Unfortunately, we never played Star Wars again. I didn't want to stop, but the rest of them were more interested in D&D at that time. And it wasn't long after that that we went our separate ways, anyway. I still stayed friends with Jay Chipman, however, and he and some other friends of ours made another Star Trek movie. As we were wrapping up the Star Trek movie, we began talking about making our next movie be a Star Wars movie. I said that if we would make a Star Wars movie, that I wanted to use the characters my other friends and I used years ago in the RPG. We decided that that was what we were going to do. And so in the latter part of 1999, I began writing the script for what would later be called "Star Wars: Quest For Vengeance."

The story in the script is brand new. And as far as the characters go, I gave them personalities based on their descriptions given in the characters' templates. When these characters were played in the RPG sessions, they didn't really have personalities compared to the way they do in the movie (except for my character, who I gave LOADS of personality to, both in the game and in the movie). One character's personality I took to the extreme, that of Jeremy H.'s character Jon Bon Nebula. With that kind of a name, I had to make him a rock star (or in Star Wars terms, jizz-wailer), even though his RPG template didn't say anything about it, and Jeremy H. didn't play him that way in the game. I also took certain elements and things that happened from our RPG adventures and incorporated them into the movie. (Not ALL of the elements, however. Gotta save some of them for the sequels!)

Of course, I would play my old character, Penzar Grat. Ted came back into the picture, and played his character Ben Wolf. No one could remember much about the character Jay played, so we didn't use it in the movie. But instead, he took over Jeremy H.'s role of Jon Bon Nebula. I wrote a part in the script of a Rebel leader who is the main characters' boss, and named him Ral Iney, as an homage to Al. But soon afterward, I got in touch with Al again, got him to do the part, and so Ral Iney was actually played by Al Riney! Dylan Kinney took over Jon Boon's character of Robert Kraig. However, in the later stages of shooting the movie, Jon Boon became available again. He was too late to play Kraig, but he played other roles in the movie instead! And finally, Kevin Shelby took over Jeremy M.'s character of Lex Nova (and in doing so gave Nova a "different look" than he would have had if Jeremy had played him...Jeremy is dark-headed and Kevin is blond!).