Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance

The Scar Destroyers is the name of a team of commandos in the Rebel Alliance, based on the planet Tablia and led by Commander Ral Iney. The members of the team are Lex Nova, Ben Wolf, Penzar Grat, Jon Bon Nebula, and Robert Kraig. In the early 1990s, when a group of friends played these characters in the Star Wars roleplaying game by West End Games, Tracy Walters gave these characters the collective name of the Scar Destroyers. The reason for the name was twofold: it was obviously a play on the name star destroyer, which is a type of ship in the Empire (the bad guys that the group fought against), and two of the characters in the group had scars on their faces. The name never really caught on during the RPG days, but Tracy got his revenge when the movie came out, as the name was not only used in the movie, but there was a song in the movie called "The Scar Destroyers" as well!


Lex Nova - Outlaw who swore vengeance against the Empire after his family was murdered by them. Then he joined the Rebellion. Lex never misses a shot with his blaster.  Nova was played in the RPG by Jeremy McNutt.  McNutt played some characters in Star Trek: Crisis at the Border in 1991, but then he quit Dramedy Productions.  When casting began for Quest for Vengeance, Jarrett Dunkerson agreed to play Nova, but never came through.  Then Kevin Shelby was cast in the role, and actually played it.  A weird story about the casting: Dunkerson was cast by Tracy Walters, and Shelby was cast by Jay Chipman.  Chipman had never seen Dunkerson, and Walters had never seen Shelby until the first day of filming.  Strangely enough, it turns out that Dunkerson and Shelby were not only both blonde-headed, but both had goutees with no mustache!


Ben Wolf  - Quixotic Jedi who joined the Rebellion on a quest to restore the Jedi. Ben brings an essence to the table that almost no one else can...we'll get back to you on what that is.  Ted Millikan played Wolf in both the RPG and the movie.


Penzar Grat - Bounty hunter who joined the Rebellion after the Empire betrayed him. Grat brings 'em in dead or alive. With an arsenal under his belt (and anywhere else he can stuff things), who would mess with this guy?  Tracy Walters played Grat in both the RPG and the movie.


Jon Bon Nebula - A (formery laconic) scout who turned into the baddest jizz wailer in the galazy. He also works for the Rebellion. Jon regularly sings at the Dice Club with his band, Uncle Teddi.  Mitch Trotter originally agreed to play Bon Nebula, but never came through.  Jay Chipman was then cast in the role.


Robert Kraig - Brash pilot who joined the Rebellion after his friends and neighbors were killed by the Empire. Robert has been known to do 20 loopty-loops in 5 parsecs...or at least he says he can.  Jon Boon played Kraig in the RPG, but was unavailable to play the role for the movie.  So Dylan Kinney was cast in the role.  Jon later became available for the movie before filming had wrapped, and so played other roles in the film.


Elan Rai was a character created by Jay Chipman around the time of preproduction for Star Wars: Quest For Vengeance. Jay originally wanted Rai to be a main character in QFV, but it was decided that the main characters in the movie would be the characters we had played in the Star Wars RPG a few years earlier. However, Rai was in the movie, just not as a main character. As a matter of fact, Rai was a large part of the story, and was the biggest secondary character in the movie. Jay wrote a backstory for Rai that Tracy partially used in QFV. The backstory, which was written circa September 6, 1999, can be viewed here.

Jay also wrote a script for a solo Elan Rai movie around July of 2001 which was never filmed. But here is the script if you'd like to look at it.

Below is a comic book page by Jay, presumably depicting a scene from the solo movie. (Elan Rai's name is misspelled as Elan-Rai.)

Below are 5 pics of the Nemesys, which was probably supposed to be Rai's ship from his solo movie. The instrument panel in Pic 2 was used as the instrument panel on the Scarlet Speedster in QFV.

Jay decided not to reprise the role of Rai in the sequel, Beware the Dark Side, so Jon Boon was cast to replace Jay, as seen below.